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Rebar Detailing

We at Creative Engineering Services believe that in the construction industry, every step is of great importance and only the best can be trusted with the delicate job. Our impeccable track record has made us the one-stop destination for state-of-art Rebar Detailing

Our Services includes:


Rebar Placing Drawings:

Our Rebar Placing drawings are designed by a team of highly experienced Civil Engineers. They deliver high-quality shop drawings that are designed as per the ACI & CRSI standards. We use Rebar CAD to create the placing drawings and supply it in PDF and DWG format.

Our placing drawings help in Fabrication and allow placing to be done cost-effectively, leading to the completion of the constructions without any delay.

Easy to understand:

Each drawing is detailed separately with a unique bar bending schedule in the same sheet, helping the placer to work without difficulty. Enough cross-sections and enlarged details are taken at congested locations.

Fabrication and placer friendly:

All unconfined bars are grouped to reduce the bar marks in a placer friendly way, making it easy for fabrication.

Our Shop drawing checking process

All our placing drawings go through a micro-level checking process before submitting them to the client.

  • Self Checking - The drawings are reviewed by the Detailer

  • Quality Control Review - The drawings are checked by an experienced team leader or quality control engineer to make sure all the details are picked from contract drawings are followed and ensure that each standard is as per client requirement.

  • Project Manager/Quality Manager Review - This is the last and final review, where the project manager/quality manager thoroughly checks the drawing from the aspects of Fabrication and Placing.

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