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Rebar Estimation

We at Creative Engineering Services believe that in the construction industry, every BID is important to the Rebar Fabricators. We understand the need to create accurate and reliable estimates for bidding.

Rebar, a steel reinforcing rod that strengthens concrete, is cast into the concrete as part of the construction process. One of the steps in pricing concrete is to estimate how much rebar is needed for the project. At Creative Engineering Services, we give our clients fast, accurate quotes.


We include:

  • Accessories like Chairs, Bolsters, etc.

  • Materials.

  • Costing(Based on Client Rebar Prices).

With our combined experience, we can estimate all of the services and materials that you will need for your project. With our skilled staff, we can give our customers value-driven engineering options. We have a professional team that is well-rounded to give you fair and accurate estimates on schedule.

Please contact our dedicated rebar estimating team. We’ll send you a customized estimate and make your project a priority as we work together toward success.

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